Our cream female in this video named Pema turned three in May. She is an excellent working alert dog. We have many pictures to prove that which we have posted in the past.
We will be breeding her in September ~ putting paws on the ground in November and puppies ready for their forever homes in Jan. 2016.
If you missed out on a puppy from our last litter last year, now is the time to reserve your spot ~ Puppy pick order is 1st come 1st served!
To reserve your spot please put down a $100 reservation fee to be applied toward your purchase price for a puppy after calling me to begin the interview process for a puppy at 727-455-5340.
  • We do NOT want to breed to just sell puppies.
  • We want the puppies to already be spoken for long before they are born.
  • We prefer these pups to go to RAW fed holistically reared homes whenever possible and will help you learn how to feed a raw prey model diet to your dogs ~ the puppies will already come eating raw.
  • We do NOT remove dewclaws for many reasons and will explain if you would like.
  • We love when the new owners recognize their remarkable alerting abilities and train them to be working alert dogs. You only have the obedience training to do as the alerting comes natural to them.
  • We live in Florida and we do NOT ship pups ~ So you will have to come get them after 8 weeks of age.
If you send a deposit fee:
  • it is fully refundable if we cannot produce a healthy puppy.
  • It is NOT refundable if you change your mind or cannot wait and buy a puppy elsewhere.
If you want to place a reservation you MUST contact me to set up a time to have an interview. You can email me at cindy@taras-sharpei.com to set up a phone interview.

Subsequent to the interview, deposits are easily made through our website.

If you want to learn more about us - please visit -
Our Facebook Page

  Naturally reared
Homeopathy, Minimal Vaccines, Species Appropriate Diet (Raw Fed)