About Us
With 25 years of Shar Pei experience ~ located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida.
It has been 15 years since we have bred a litter due to the inherent health problems that were found in the Shar Pei lines found in the USA. People wanted more wrinkles and larger heads and the breeders bred just for that. For us it was painful to watch the suffering that the "Western Shar Pei" suffered from. We then began the process of searching for healthier more "Traditional Shar Pei" to have and love as our pets. It became apparent to us early on with our female Padme that she was indeed an exceptional dog. By the age of 6 months she could and would notify us 15 minutes prior to our youngest granddaughter who suffers with epilepsy, having a seizure. She was always accurate and is now a fully trained seizure alert service dog.
Her disposition was so gentle and loving that many people began asking us to breed her. We then began looking for the right male for her which took another 2 years, also looking for a healthy more traditional Shar Pei. We were so surprised to find that Mani also exhibited the same abilities as Padme and is now also a trained seizure alert service dog as well. We felt the opportunity to pass on their unique and amazing abilities and gentle dispositions was too good to pass up and we decided to breed them to share their unique abilities and natural dispositions and excellent health.
Our Shar Pei are healthy, gentle, playful, protective, loyal, intuitive and loving companions looking for forever homes. They are naturally reared and holistically raised with minimal vaccines and are RAW fed with a species appropriate diet. All puppies will be weaned from Mom to raw food and will be well socialized and should be house trained by 8 weeks for their new homes. Parents are AKC registered and all puppies will be AKC registered as well. The parents reside with us in our home as our pets and take HyVitality, fish oil and Probiotic supplements daily, for better Shar Pei health.
All future homes for our puppies will be vetted and we reserve the right to reclaim any puppies that must be surrendered by their forever homes for any reason.
We will be accepting deposits early and will help to begin educating the new owners about RAW feeding as soon as deposits are received. We look forward to working with you to help you and your new baby have the smoothest transition ever.
For further information, please call or email us @ 727-455-5340 or cindy@churchward.com
  Naturally reared
Homeopathy, Minimal Vaccines, Species Appropriate Diet (Raw Fed)